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Home Gym Floor Mat

home gym floor mat

    floor mat
  • A mat is a generic term for a piece of fabric or flat material, generally placed on a floor or other flat surface, and serving a range of purposes including: * providing a regular or flat surface, such as a mousepad.

    home gym
  • A home gym is quite simply a gym that you have in your home. The term home gym also refers to a fitness unit that has benches and pulleys to allow you to complete gym style exercises at home.

home gym floor mat - FreeForm Hideaway

FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym

FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym

FreeForm hideaway home gym is a simple efficient way to work your entire body without lugging heavy weights and finagling a big bulky machine. This sweet little number folds flat in seconds to slide right under your bed or stand in the closet. Set it up however and you're set for a killer workout on any muscle group you choose even full squats. Flip the resistance pieces to go from zero resistance to heavy with no time or effort and then enjoy smooth weight-lifting with the soft grip handles and padded seat. The handle straps are adjustable for a variety of exercises so you can get a full-body workout every time you approach the FreeForm. Guaranteed to satisfy the FreeForm Hideaway Home Gym is affordable efficient and easy to use and store. The days of crashing weights onto the floor and giant unused contraptions are over. Welcome to fitness made easy.

The key to keeping off excess weight is to build lean, fat-burning muscle. Enter the FreeForm Hideaway Gym, a compact yet fully featured device that perfects the core bodybuilding movements necessary to build a strong, lean body. The Hideaway Gym supports three main body positions. When facing forward, you can perform such exercises as tricep extensions, chest dumbbell flies, chest presses, and abdominal curls, helping you work a variety of upper body muscles. When facing in, the machine lets you perform bicep curls, upright rows, upper lat rows, lower back rows, and more. Finally, you can perform exercises in the standing position, with exercise options that include leg press, glute and inner thigh presses, and calf flexions. All told, the Hideaway Gym offers all the exercises you'll find on more expensive TV-promoted home gyms but at a far more affordable price.
The Hideaway Gym also makes it easy to change your resistance level thanks to the patented quick-change resistance bands. Just select the bands you wish to engage for the exercise--no complicated cable changes or stubborn weight stacks. And with a resistance range that varies from as low as 10 pounds to a maximum of 200 pounds, almost anyone can use the machine to build strength and burn fat. Best of all, the machine breaks down in less than a minute and folds almost flat (5 inches off the ground), so you can easily slide it under a bed or store it in a closet. It's the perfect home gym for space-conscious users who don't want to sacrifice functionality. Also ideal for rehab, the Hideaway Gym comes with a professionally produced workout chart and carries a five-year limited warranty.
About James Design Company
Founded in 1988 in a small manufacturing facility in Southern New Jersey, James Design Company has been manufacturing and designing innovative fitness equipment for more than 20 years. The company released its patented 3-Dimensional Arm system in 1991, helping change the thought process of how chest, back, arm, and shoulder exercises should be performed. The free-floating arms and straps that people see on many gym machines today--which allow for a free range of motion for your entire body--stem from the James Design Company's original ideas. The company's latest product, the FreeForm Hideaway Gym, is intended to once again revolutionize the fitness industry. Sold completely assembled, the machine does away with time-consuming changeovers between exercises, and folds up in seconds for easy storage. Most importantly, the machine delivers a club-quality, full-body cardio/strength-training workout. The James Design Company is located in Milmay, New Jersey.

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Saturday January 30th

So I had planned a 52 weeks of geek photo for today but Brandi got hella-sick again and Isobel was not being co-operative. I tried to get her down at 8:00 and it took until 10:30 for her to fall asleep, I crept out and 15 minutes later she woke up. I finally got out again and now it's too late to set things up. Perhaps I'll do it for tomorrow. It's going to be E for Electronics though, just to spoil the surprise.

So I got woken up last night by Brandi calling my name at like 2:00 or something saying that Isobel won't go back to sleep and take her so I can. Brandi's cold re-manifested as bad sinus/nose stuffy. She snored all night long. Hence I woke up really tired with Belly at 8 when Brandi came in. We had swimming lessons at 9:30 so we couldn't sleep in.

Isobel got dunked a couple times today and we noted that she no longer does that little squinchy face when you blow air into her nose any more. We got back home and Brandi popped a Tylenol and laid down with her heating pad for a half hour to try and soothe her aching body before we had to drive out to Chilliwack for Annika's birthday.

It was at the same gym that Ava's was at last year. Isobel had a lot of fun running around and playing with the random gym equipment. Largely concentrated on the little rubber balls and the mats on the floor. Brandi made sure to pack my Lactaid as they were having sundaes instead of cake. It was a mistake.

We got home and my stomach was all "Waaaaa, I don't like milk" and it was bad news. I should have known better but it's been so long since I had ice cream and Oreos, I couldn't resist. Also Brandi went to bed just after eating dinner at like 6:00 so I bathed Isobel and got her to bed by 8, we mostly just read in her room to avoid the temptation of pounding on mommy's door. Again, took two and a half hours to get her down. I suspect it was the two naps driving out to Chilliwack and back that prevented her from going down any easier. I've now officially passed the point of sleep and gone into that crazy *I'm awake but my eyes are feeling crazy* state. Time for Fallout!

92/365:2 /// 180/365

92/365:2 /// 180/365

Day 180
She is almost sitting up by herself. She's on her belly in this photo, but in some of the other shots I took, she was sitting up...even if it was just briefly. I think by next week, she might have the whole sitting thing down.

This morning she was playing under her baby gym, and scooted off the mat onto the hardwood floor. I watched her as she scooted backwards towards me. I think crawling isn't too far off either.

Kenzie started a music class this morning. John is going to take her each week. They aren't home yet, so I haven't heard how it went. I'm hopeful it went better than her dance class back in the fall.

home gym floor mat

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