Cheap Floor Lights

cheap floor lights

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day 44

day 44

this is the last photo of the living room looking like this. the plan for tomo is

1 - nip to B&Q for rubble sack, lights and few other bits

2 - remove orrible ceiling and awful artex

3 - clean and document as we go

4 - install cabling for speakers in ceiling

5 - install cabling for lighting in ceiling

the rev is gonna come over when he gets up to gimme a lift and me old man will give me a lift wi th'ectircs

bye minging artex and textured paint - why on gods green earth anyone would put that crap up is beyond me but by this time tomo it (the artex) will be gone and the textured paint is just a skim of plaster away from gone. once the ceiling is down i'll be much happier with it :)

ICO Conference Centre - 2nd Floor Boardroom - picture 5

ICO Conference Centre - 2nd Floor Boardroom - picture 5

Cavendish Conference Venues
ICO Conference Centre
2nd Floor Boardroom
Pictured with perimeter light on / Overhead spots off and Natural Daylight
Capacity: Open Circle 25
Theatre 30

cheap floor lights

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cheap floor lights

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